January 2023 new in

I said that 2023 would be the year where I stopped spending money for the sake of it and well the first month of the year didn't really go to plan. I ended up buying a few items just for the sake of it however, I know now that I need to change my spending habits if I want to purchase some items I have set out to buy throughout the year and further into the future. So here is what I picked up throughout the first month of 2023...

We had a trip to the seaside in January and I couldn't resist going on the claw machines in the arcades. I could spend a fortune on them however, normally I walk away empty handed this time though I seem to have got very lucky as just £1 later I was walking away with this Groot, a super cute addition to the games room. 

This is definitely aimed at kids however, with it being reduced to just 50p I couldn't resist it. It is a well known fact now just how much I love women's football and with things becoming more available for the women's game I seem to be buying anything I set my eyes on. I have had a flick through this so far and I think I am going to enjoy this little book.

Oh look another women's football item and this is one I definitely wasn't leaving behind. I have been wanting a scarf to wear for the Man Utd matches for a while now however, they all seemed to just be generic men's ones apart from the Russo & Toone ones I already had. I love this one with this seasons squad on it and I am hoping this is only the start of more women's merchandise at games.

I have wanted a Jordan Nobbs shirt for the longest time but held off getting an Arsenal one, I guess I did right as she was transferred to Aston Villa in January. Of course once the move was announced I ordered my shirt and I love it. Finally I have my favourite players shirt in my collection.

Both me and Liam wanted the latest Pokemon games before Christmas, we just never seemed to get round to purchasing them until January. I ended up opting to buy Scarlet whilst Liam got a copy of Violet. I have a massive backlog of games to get through so this is just sat on the shelf at the moment but I am really looking forward to playing it when the time comes.

So there you go those are the items I picked up in January, I really need to get saving now as we have something very exciting coming up in the next few months plus we are wanting to get jobs done around the house so all our money is going to be going towards that and getting some goals complete for the year. Let's hope that next months new in post is even smaller.

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