The changes I want to make to the PC set up...


It has been a while since I spent some time in the games room as we got the dog who doesn't quite settle up there yet and to be honest I am missing playing my games up there on the console however, I am surprisingly not missing the gaming PC set up. That area just isn't appealing to me at all anymore as it isn't too inviting and just looks far too plain and boring to me, plus add in the fact the PC doesn't run 99% of the games I have on Steam there really isn't any point wasting time up there anymore. This is the area where most of my blogging was also done however, the PC struggles with this simple task too so I tend just to use the Macbook for blogging now which has meant that the PC hasn't even been switched on for months which annoys me a bit as it should be getting used so much more and if I did use it my productivity would no doubt increase a whole lot more and the blog posts will become a lot more regular like they used to be, plus it would mean spending more time in the room with Liam who plays on his PC still and the dog might settle more with both of us in there.

I really want to re-evaluate this space and make a lot of changes to make the space a lot more inviting. There will be a few big changes and a lot of little changes just to make this my own little cozy corner in the games room where I can game & write from without feeling stressed due to the lack of organisation, clutter all over and inadequate items like I currently have. I just want a stress & clutter free environment where I am happy to spend my evenings rather than blogging from the sofa or bed as I am definitely not being as productive as I can be by blogging from these places, the TV is too much of a distraction and the switching from screen to screen drives me absolutely mad, I need those dual monitors back.

As I say some changes are going to be bigger than others and I know that these changes are going to cost a fair bit of money to make them worthwhile which means a lot of saving is going to need to take place. I know though that saving for these upgrades is going to be worth it so I don't mind if I have to wait a while for them as I know I am working towards them by slowly adding more money to the savings pot and they will eventually find their way into the games room. So here are those big purchases I want to make to create the perfect cozy area...

New Gaming PC

Although the PC is going to be dual purpose I really want to make sure I am getting a PC that will be able to run games smoothly. Not just the cheap games either, I want to be able to play the big new releases on here if I wish. My Steam backlog is absolutely ridiculous so I am hoping that a new PC will run all those games in my account and I can fire my way through the games I own alongside playing the more demanding PC games. Hopefully a super powerful gaming PC will also mean it is able to cope with the simple blogging tasks a lot easier too. This is definitely going to be the most expensive upgrade so will no doubt be one of the last purchases, I suppose it gives me time research the best options.

Two new monitors

My current monitors are mix and match, they don't line up next too each other and to be honest the quality really isn't the best as I got them super cheap. If I am going to be paying a lot for a gaming PC I want to make sure that my monitors are capable of passing on the graphics quality. I also want two of the same so that it flows seamlessly unlike it currently does. Again these are going to end up costing a fair bit so is going to take a bit of saving.

Gaming chair

If I am spending a lot of time in this area whether it is for gaming or blogging I want to be comfortable so I think it is about time I invested in a proper chair. My current chair is falling apart as it is a very old one which started its life in my work place but I ended up with it at home due to work getting an upgrade. The chairs I have been looking at are a good couple of hundreds of pounds so the plan is to save up for a bit and get something I can comfortably spend hours sat in.

So those are the big changes I want to make and as I say they will no doubt take a while to save up for so in the meantime to try get the area a bit more inviting I am planning on making a few smaller changes that should help me want to sit here a bit more and those changes won't have to be made once the bigger ones have been doing as they will have already been in place for a while. None of these are huge and will no doubt be done over the course of a few months but the smaller changes are...

Desk mat

Liam has a desk mat on his desk and it looks great so I think it is time I did the same and got one for my desk rather than having a silly little mouse mat like I currently do. My area has a bit of a theme to it as you will see over the next few items so I have been doing a bit of searching and have found the perfect option... a Miles Morales one which should hopefully cover the area I need it to and on the plus side it isn't too expensive so it could easily become a first addition to the set up.

Phone charger

The phone battery is not doing too good these days, so I always need to have a charger nearby just in case. The plan is to add a nice little wireless charging stand to the set up so that the option to charge the phone is always there plus the stand can just have my phone on so it is in my eye-line rather than having to keep picking my phone up. I know I can get a cheap one of these from Amazon so it is about time I got looking.

Headphone holder

I am a nightmare for just throwing my headphones onto the desk or my chair and sometimes even the floor so I need to try get out of the habit of this because the dog will end up getting them or over time I am just going to cause damage to them and they weren't expensive. A holder on my desk would keep them in a set place all the time and out of the dogs reach. Again this is a relatively low cost so it is about time I made the purchase.


Every desk needs a bit of a novelty extra doesn't it? The plan is to find a really nice Spider-Man figure to put in the corner of my desk, out of reach of the dog of course. There are some really nice figures out there at the moment so maybe this could be a Christmas gift idea for me to pass along or I might just end up treating myself who knows but Spider-Man will be a great addition to the set up.

Spider-Man lamp

Finally we have this brilliant Spider-Man lamp which I have had my eye on for ages now but have kept putting off buying for some reason. I think now is the time to make the purchase as the lamp will look fantastic on my desk and will come in handy for those early morning sessions or late at night ones. With a dimmer switch it will be better than a standard lamp and will fit the set up theme nicely, plus it is surprisingly not too expensive.

So there you have it those are the changes I want to make to my PC set up in the games room. The cheaper items will definitely just be pick ups along the way but those bigger items will take some work to achieve however, I am hopefully that I won't be waiting around for them for too long. I am saving for a lot of things at the moment but I am determined I will have these items sooner rather than later. It is time to get back to the PC gaming and being productive for the websites as it has been far too long.

What changes do you want to make to your set up?

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