The New PC Is Ordered, Now What....

Finally the PC is ordered, I am hoping it will be here next week so fingers crossed for that. I am hoping that over the next few months I can also upgrade the rest of my set up and actually get my little corner looking a lot neater and cleaner. So here are my plans...

In terms of under the desk I currently have a little storage box that I have had for absolutely ages, so I am going to finally bite the bullet and empty the box and have a proper clear out. Once that is done I am hoping to find a new home for the box so I have under my desk free. I also want to look at upgrading my chair to an actual gaming chair as the current one isn't right comfy. 

The actual desk was new when we moved in back in March, so in terms of this the desk will be kept the same however, I might actually remove the cupboard door though just so I can see my PC more. The drawers also need a really good tidy up as they are currently full of junk that never gets used. 

The top of the desk is what is going to change the most. I will be saving to upgrade my keyboard and mouse, hopefully to Razer as I have had my eye on a few pieces for a while now. I will also finally be able to add a second monitor, which will hopefully make my life a whole lot easier,  I can also add my new PC speakers to the desk and get an extended Overwatch mouse mat that I have been looking at for a while.

At the moment on top of the desk I also have my whiteboard markers, a Destiny Ghost for the Alexa, my Amazon Alexa, a Joker soft toy, a Bluetooth speaker and finally my wireless charging pad. Some items will be staying on here but others will be moving to a little shelf I am putting on the side near my whiteboard. I also want a Tracer Funko and candle on the shelf. Above the whiteboard we are also having shelves put up so that will no longer be a blank space. I also want to try hide the wire going down the wall, which we don't even know what it is for so hopefully this could just be removed.

In terms of where the calendar and pictures are these will be kept the same but the boxes underneath will be moved and cables will finally be sorted out with some cable management. It will also free up some space so I may be able to add something new to that area. 

I can't wait to see what the new PC looks like and actually get using it. I also can't wait to see how my little corner looks when I have made my improvements and upgrades to the walls and set up. Fingers crossed it all falls into place soon.

See you soon,

TNG Games

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