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As I said the other week over here on the blog I am starting a top 5 series, we kicked it off with my top 5 PS1 games and are continuing with my top 5 PS2 games. I loved my PS1 but I have to admit I loved my PS2 a lot more, I even recently picked one up from a second hand store just so I could replay some of my favourite games. I really struggled getting it down to my top 5 for this post as there really were some fantastic games. But here are the 5 that made the cut.

Stitch Experiment 626 was a favourite for one main reason, it is Stitch. If you know me I love Stitch, I have loads of merchandise filling the house and even have him tattooed on my arm. I remember queuing at Disney for hours to see him when the film had just been released. I loved this game as it was set before the film meaning you played as Stitch in space not on earth. There was plenty to do in a variety of environments so you never got bored. I have actually picked this up for my PS2 and can't wait to play it once I sort out a memory card.

Fifa street was possibly one of my most played games. When I got my PS2 I was also playing football for a local team and was obsessed with anything football related. I would be glued to this for hours as it wasn't your typical football game. You had the street element which meant more style and flare. Each game you played was something different, I remember playing against my younger sister and her getting so stressed out when you managed to pull off a trick and score past her. When I got my PS2 recently this is one of the first games I went out and picked up.


Manchester United club football was such a good game for me as it centred around one of my favourite teams at the time. Although I am a massive Bradford fan, Manchester United were always my 2nd team. It was so nice having a football game centred around them, in the replica stadium, it really felt like I was apart of the club, and as a kid what could be better. I remember sitting and playing this in my Manchester United pyjamas, in my Manchester United inflatable chair at the side of my Manchester United table football table. I really was Manchester United mad and I want to pick this game up again.

Ah Simpsons Hit & Run, an absolute classic I used to get lost in this for hours as I am sure many others did. I really with they would remaster this for the PS4 as even though I will still play this over and over again on the PS2 it would be great to see what it would be like if it was to come out today. Even though it was a driving game ( I usually don't bother with these) it was brilliant, there was so much to do and so many characters you could play as. It really immersed you into the world of the Simpsons. I really need to get Liam to find his copy of this or I will have to go rebuy this.

As well as being obsessed with football whilst I had my PS2 I was also playing a lot of rugby still at this time and in fact if I remember correctly I also still had my season ticket for the Bradford Bulls at this point. It was always a struggle to get a rugby league game so as soon as I got this I was super happy. Getting to play as some of my favourite players in my favourite type of rugby was one of the best. This game did actually take over from football games for quite a while. I was lucky enough to pick up a copy of this recently and can't wait to jump back on it playing as some of the all time greats of the game. 

So there you have it those were my top 5 games for the PS2, as you see I was very sports orientated around this time and some of the games really added to the obsession. What were some of your favourite PS2 games?  

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