Steelseries Rival 100 Mouse

You may remember way back 2017 I posted about my AFX M0116 gaming mouse, well 3 years later I have finally ungraded my mouse to one that is a bit more comfortable for my stupidly small hands and just seems to be a lot more responsive.

A few months ago I noticed that my AFX mouse was starting to slow right down, it wasn't responding as it should even after messing around with settings and it was getting quite frustrating so I thought it was time for a change. 

Then I remembered that I actually had a mouse that I had been using for my gaming laptop that I loved, this was the Steelseries Rival 100. 

This mouse has 6 customisable buttons which to be honest I haven't bothered changing at the moment as I am mainly using it for creating content it is perfect the way it is. The 2 buttons on the side work as forward and back switches which can help when I am looking for something specific and I have gone too far. Then you have the wheel in the middle which provides great scroll action. My AFX had really started to frustrate me in terms of scrolling as it always got stuck then it would try play catch up and go too far, but with this one I have had 0 issues.  Plus it has RGB but it isn't in your face with it just a simple light under the logo and the wheel, simple and subtle. 

With the textured grip on either side of the mouse it is really comfortable, I spend a lot of my time at my PC currently just blogging away and working on content & planning for this blog as well as my others. So with me using it for the majority of the day I want something that fits my hand just right and provides comfort throughout the day and this definitely ticks all the boxes. This mouse is really making me think that even my next mouse could be a Steelseries. 

What mouse are you currently using? 

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