Lenovo YogaBook Unboxing

At the start of the whole lockdown here in the UK my dad treated himself to a new laptop so he could easily work from home. He asked me if I wanted his old Lenovo Yoga Book and of course I said yes in hopes that it might help me if I am blogging on the go in the near future before I can invest in my own new laptop. 

To be honest I had seen him using this a few times but was never fully interested as I thought it was just a bigger tablet but let's hope it surprises me. Here are the specs of this Yoga Book:

WIFI Gunmetal Grey 64GB
Display : 10.1 1920*1200 IPS
Memory : LPDDR3 4GB
Storage : 64GB 
WLAN : 802.11ABGNAC+BT4.0
Battery : L15C2P31 3.8V 32.3Wh 8500mAh

There are plenty of selling points for this Yoga Book on the box, the sleeve itself says 'creativity is intelligence having fun' which is what this tablet computer is geared towards, creativity is definitely the focus selling point for this item. The box also mentions the big features which are:

Real pen
Halo Keyboard
15+ Hours Battery Life
Android Technology
Dolby Atmos
Feel by Wacom 

So as soon as you open the box you are greeted by what the Yoga Book and from first look it genuinely does look like a book thanks to the hinges on the left hand side. I love the silvery grey matt finish on this product too and hopefully it keeps finger prints at bay. 

Once you lift the actual Yoga Book out of the box there is actually a fair bit underneath, some bits that you expect and a few bits that surprised me.  

So first up you have the charger which not only has the USB lead but also has the wall adapter too. I don't think you can ever have too many wall adapters as I seem to lose them far too often.

Then you have another surface which I believe just goes over the Halo keyboard and creates a nice surface for writing on with the pen provided. I am looking forward to giving this a try as I currently have a Wacom drawing tablet which I have previously enjoyed using. Hopefully this will help me get a little more creative with my content.

Underneath that extra surface you finally have the instruction manual which I think I will be actually sitting and reading for a change so I can make the most out of this device for a change. What did surprise me though is the little sim card eject gadget you get as I didn't think this had the capability of having a sim card but you can actually insert a sim card if you wish plus there is also space for a Micro SD card which should be great as it should benefit me with the things I am going to be using this for. 

Finally you have the pen, which they claim to be a real pen. I thought it would just be like your typical stylus for tablets but this is practically a real pen with a real pen nib as opposed to the usual stylus nib. You also get plenty of spares for this too and it is really easy to change. 

So there you go that is what you get in the box and here is what the Yoga Book looks like, it is nice and lightweight which should make just having this in my bag nice and handy for me and I can work on the go. 

The best part is my dad even sent a nice little case along with the device so I don't have to worry about the device getting ruined when I am transporting it around in my bag. 

If you would like to see a review of this tablet computer featured on the blog in the future, let me know and when I have put this to the test I will do a post all about my thoughts and if it is worth picking up, I can also do a closer look post if you wish. Fingers crossed this will help me in terms of blogging on the go in the future and gets the job done. 

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