PS5 Event : My Reaction

The 11th of June 2020 was certainly an eagerly anticipated day for the gaming world with the PlayStation event taking place, what was it gong to show us? Just games? The console? The price? Well we got plenty of content on the games and console front just not the price front. The event wasn't too drawn out or broken up it just got straight to the point showing the games we are going to be seeing on our PS5 in the future. I mentioned in my Xbox post that Sony needed to pull out the stops to beat the games shown in the Xbox event and I honestly believe they have done just that.

So the event kicked off with GTA V a game we have seen on the PS4 & PS4 which is now being expanded and enhanced for the PS5. Will I be getting it I aren't too sure as I already have it on my current consoles so do I really need another version? When I saw GTA being shown I was really hoping it was hyping up to GTA 6 but I guess I can still dream.

A lot of people has been talking about Spiderman Mile Morales which is coming to the PS5 in Holiday 2020. This is in fact a stand alone game but not actually a sequel to the PS4 game, which is definitely intriguing to me. It is going to be interesting to see how this game lives up to the PS4 game as I have only heard good things about that game, fingers crossed I can get it played before this new game comes out. 

Another game that a lot of people were talking about on social media before the event was a new  Grand Turismo game and they have definitely got what they wanted. Granted I won't be picking this up as I aren't a fan of racing games. It did surprise me with how good it did look though so I don't think fans of the franchise are going to be disappointed.

One set of games I have always wanted to try but never got around to is the Ratchet & Clank games, there is just something about them that draws me in but I never pick them. However, after seeing Rift Apart at the event I think now might be the time for me to give in and finally delve into these games, it just looks so fun to play and like it will keep me going for a while without me getting bored.

Square Enix teased their upcoming game Project Athia at the event too and the graphics of the world looked great, this is a game I am definitely going to be looking into a bit more on the build up to it's release as it looked like a game I would enjoy, from what was shown it looks like this is a fantasy action game so if you are into that sort of thing this might be one worth keeping you eye on.

Next up we were shown Stray, which to be honest at first I wasn't too interested in but as the trailer progressed I have to say it drew me in and I will be looking into this game before it's released and no doubt I will end up picking up a copy. A game that seems to be about a cat and robots may not seem too interesting to some people but I have to say I am looking forward to seeing more.

A new franchise is coming to the PS5 from Worldwide studios and I have to say it looks pretty interesting. It showed someone trapped on an alien planet with no escape and to be honest it does look pretty good, I would love to see more about Returnal in the near future so I can fully make my mind up on the game but it has definitely grabbed my interest.

Do you know those games that just remind you of your childhood? Well Little Big Planet is one of those games for me, I actually said to Liam before the event started I would love to see a new Little Big Planet game shown and PlayStation definitely delivered. As soon as Sackboy was shown on the screen I was gripped. I know for sure the second Sackboy's big adventure is released I will be picking it up and no doubt will end up losing far too many hours to this.

Remember earlier in the post when I said I wasn't really a fan of racing games well Destruction Allstar's seems to be a game that caught my eye straight away but from the trailer what we saw didn't look like a straight up racing game it looks like there are a few other bits involved in the playing of it too, like trying to run around dodging attacks. Again though we didn't see much of the game so I will be keeping my eye out for more trailers & game play in the future.

I think Kena : Bridge of Spirits is a game that will almost certainly be being picked up by me even if it is just for the cute little creatures. With themes of personal growth and redemption this game sounds right up my street and like I could end up really enjoying it. I really look forward to seeing more about this game.

Goodbye Volcano High gave me BoJack Horseman vibes as soon as it came on screen and as I love that show so much I will definitely be looking more into this game although I think it is dead set that I will be picking it up, from what was shown it seems like a bit of a coming of age game so it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

I have never even considered playing an Oddworld game in the past in fact they have always slipped under my radar however, after seeing the trailer for Oddworld Soulstorm I think I might end up picking this up. Apparently this game is emotionally engaging and you decide the fate so that part definitely sounds fun and just from what I saw yesterday I think it just looks so strange and different to anything else I would play. Have you played any Oddworld games before?

Another game I definitely want to see more of is Ghostwire Tokyo as I don't feel we saw enough of it. The game is set in a supernatural Tokyo and looks like it could be really fun to play, like I say I will be definitely looking into this game a lot more before it's release but from what I have seen so far it definitely has me interested.

Jett : The Far Shore is a game that I really aren't sure on as I just don't feel I saw enough of it to pass judgement however, it involved a shot of space so if I see more who knows I might end up picking it up but then again I might not it just depends on what I see in the future.

Godfall is another game that looked really good and caught my attention but this time it wasn't for me. I think this game could easily be a present for a certain someone as it looks like his kind of game. Who knows if I do get the game for him I may end up playing it but it is definitely more suited towards him than me.

Solar Ash is another game that again doesn't look like the type of game I would usually play but it has definitely captured my attention and I will be looking into it a bit more. I don't think this game really showed much but if I do get to see more who knows it may end up in my game collection in the future.

In terms of the Hitman games I have never actually played any, they have just seemed to slip by however, after seeing the Hitman 3 announcement I think I need to pick up the previous games and play through them so I can make sense & enjoy Hitman 3. This game is the conclusion of the trilogy and from what was shown it really does look great, it just makes me wonder why I haven't played them before.

A game that is going to becoming preloaded on the PS5 apparently is Astros Playroom which I actually can't wait to try, it just looks like such fun old school gaming. It easily looks like a game you can just jump in and out of.

Once Little Devil Inside was shown I was intrigued as it just seemed so strange but so fun. It looks like a bit of a cartoon style game that could be really fun but a bit more relaxed to play, some games these days you have so much to think about that your mind is constantly going but with this one it looks like you can just take a step back and relax whilst playing it, who knows though it may be totally different when we get more details given. From what I have seen so far though I will be purchasing this.

It has been years since I have purchased a NBA game as I just fell out with the franchise however, after the short look during the event I think I may just have to purchase NBA 2K21 as those graphics look absolutely fantastic I just hope the controls have improved since I last played. Throughout the PS4 generation I seem to have stuck to just the FIFA games in the sports genre but I used to love a variety of games so maybe next gen is going to help me get back into them.

When a trailer starts with a strawberry with eyes running around you are clearly going to be drawn in aren't you? That was definitely the case for me when Bugsnax was shown. As soon as it said from the creators of Octodad it definitely explained why it was so strange too as Octodad is just something else. Bugsnax looks just as strange if not a little stranger than Octodad but looks like so much fun. This is another game that I will definitely be keeping an eye on to see if it worth picking up when it is released.

Demon Souls is a game that I think I may ended up picking up for the same person who would enjoy Godfall. Although this game looks great again it is much more his style of game rather than mine and I think he could end up really enjoying this one but again who knows if he gets it I may end up jumping on it one day to give it ago. The graphics for this game looked great so I can only imagine what they will look like through the console and 4K TV.

Bethesda have a new game coming to the PS5 called Deathloop and the trailer was amazing, I genuinely felt like I was watching a short film. The game really gave me John Wick vibes too as you play an assassin with a bounty on his head trying to escape, just like in one of the John Wick films. But then you are stuck in a constant loop, you die & die again over and over, you are stuck in a loop whilst rival assassins carry out your assassination & you are looking for an escape. This game looks really fun and I will be picking this one up on release, I think I could end up playing this game quite a bit and enjoy it.

Resident Evil Village (8) is coming to the PS5 however, I know I definitely wont be picking this up as I get scared far too easily and the trailer had me on edge enough. If the trailer can do that then what is the actual game going to be like? Liam laughed at me when this was shown and I said no chance because he knows exactly what I am like with these types of games. If you are a fan of the franchise though you are definitely in for a treat.

Pragmata is another game that gained my interest however, again I don't feel too much was given from the trailer. I am looking forward to seeing some game play for this as with it involving space I am definitely going to be interested in purchasing this. I am hoping that any future trailers showing game play & more information about this game gather more interest for me instead of making me lose interest.

The final game to be shown is the one game I think everyone was really waiting for. Horizon Zero Dawn 2 : Forbidden West is coming to the PS5. This game looks absolutely fantastic graphic wise and looks like it could really live up to the first installment of the game. I still haven't played the first game but I am hoping to have this done by the end of the year just in time for the PS5's release, fingers crossed I enjoy the first installment as this second installment looks absolutely fantastic.

So the event started off on a strong foot and ended on a great foot in terms of games but the best was yet to come as they finally gave everyone a look at what they really wanted the actual console.

Little bits were teased in between the game trailers such as the console having 4K ultra HD bluray, an Ultra high speed SSD, ray tracing & the controller having haptic feed back, adaptive triggers, USB connection, motion sensors, built in microphone & integrated speaker, headset jack and 3D audio.

But then we got the big reveal, the first look of the console to close the event. The console has a definite futuristic look which to be honest is growing on me more and more. They also showed us that the console comes in a standard console and a digital console so if you don't want game cases taking up space in your home then you can always opt for the digital console but I definitely prefer physical games so I will be getting the standard version.

It also showed us a few of the accessories which are going to be available (or possibly with the console, they never said) such as the wireless controller once again which is actually growing on me as I wasn't a fan at first. A dualsense charging station which actually fits the rest of the accessories really well, I think this time around I might have to pick up a charging station as I am sick of starting a game and my controller dying almost instantly. There is also a Pulse 3D wireless headset which I think I will be looking into a bit more as I really want a decent headset for the PS5 as it is an area I have neglected for the PS4. They are also doing a HD camera which to be honest I never really bother with & a media remote which could come in handy.

At first I wasn't too sure about the white as I much prefer consoles in black but again it is definitely growing me and I think it might be a nice change for me.

So now after seeing both the first Xbox and PS5 events with games plays & showing the consoles I really do believe that the PS5 looks a lot more appealing game wise than the Xbox did as they just seemed to carry on with the great releases from the PS4 and that the PS5 is going to carry on with that success with those releases in future years and maybe even top that success. I definitely preferred this event over the Xbox one in June, as I felt we saw a lot more of a variety of games from Sony than we did Microsoft but who knows after the next Xbox event my mind might change but once again I really think Sony are on the right track for another successful console release.

I will definitely be going to have a more in depth look into some of these games as they have definitely captured my interest and I think there are going to be plenty of options for me to pick up on the console. What did you think to the event? Has it helped sway you towards purchasing the PS5?

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