Astro's Playroom (PS5)


I was struggling to work out what I wanted to play on the PS5 first, but then I saw a lot of people on my social media saying they had played Astro's Playroom and found it an enjoyable game. So I thought why not give it a go seen as it is a free game pre-installed on the console... I am so glad I did play this and not just skip it. 

As I said this was my first game on the PS5 and it was great as it really showcases what the new Dualsense is capable of. If I hadn't played this game I may not have actually seen the full capability of the controller which has honestly surprised me as I didn't expect it to be capable of half as much as it is. This game is the perfect way to take in what the controller does and how it is going to be in future games you play. 

The game really is a trip down memory lane as you go around gathering artifacts and unlocking previous generation consoles & controllers. It is great to see some of my old favourites such as the PlayStation One & Two and play some great mini games to actually unlock them. Another thing that I really enjoyed in this game was discovering some of the little Easter eggs dotted around each level for you to discover, it is just a nice addition to the game and it is fun working out what game they come from, I do think my favourite is the God of War Easter egg. 

This took me around 2 hours to roll credits on which was great as it is just what was needed without the game feeling like it dragged on too much like some games do. If you are wanting to 100% this game I can't see it taking you much longer to complete it than the 2 hours I played it for. Thanks to this only being a short game I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought as it is just a quick fun relaxing game that is over and done with before you know it. There is also a bit of replay value in the game as you can go back and redo levels & speed runs without having to sink hours into game play over and over again. I am actually very tempted to go through and try platinum this game which never happens which I guess just shows you how fun this game actually is. There is also the added bonus of it having some pretty good backing much on each level that fits the game well and you don't have to focus on characters speaking all the time.

This game is definitely a nice little starter game seen as it is pre-installed on the console, so if you are sat waiting for a game to install and are wanting something to play then definitely give this a go so you aren't missing out on a great experience and can really learn what the controller is capable of. 

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