Nintendo Switch Lite Unboxing

I had been contemplating picking up a Nintendo Switch Lite for a while just so I could start playing handheld once again after I had been struggling with our original Switch. For me when I was playing our Switch in handheld it started to feel so heavy after just a short time of playing so I started to only play it docked and to be honest I just stopped playing it for a while and really started neglecting the games Nintendo was bringing out. So after a lot of thought I decided to finally pick up a Switch Lite as I know it is going to be a good investment and I am going to get my moneys worth, plus it means if me and Liam go away or want to play on the Switch at the same time we can do at long last and there will be no arguing about who is playing on it and when. 


The hardest choice when purchasing the Switch Lite was actually which colour console I wanted. In the end it was a tie between the turquoise one or the coral one but the turquoise one won in the end as the colour just looks fantastic and is more me than a coral one. The console was £199.99 from Smyths Toys and came with a 3 month Nintendo Switch online membership & an Animal Crossing download code which I thought was great value as it also gives me an Animal Crossing code so I can finally have my own island and might actually start to enjoy the game as I aren't having to share and island with Liam. I also ordered Street Power Football as this was just £5 and I had been wanting to try it as it includes one one of my favourite freestylers, I am looking forward to giving this game a go so expect to see a post about it on here soon. So here is what you get in the box with the Switch Lite...

As soon as you open the box you are greeted by the Switch which is just in a plastic bag which to be honest surprised me as I thought it might be a little bit more protected than just in a thin plastic bag. As soon as I opened this I knew I had made the right choice with the colour I picked as I absolutely loved it. The way the white and turquoise work together so well is fantastic. 

Once you have removed the Switch from the box and lifted up a little tab you get your usual instruction booklet, which is much smaller than others I have had recently and a little warning/ information slip. This is also where you will find any codes you receive with your console too. I received one for 3 months online membership and one for Animal Crossing. Make sure that when you are unboxing the Switch though you don't misplace these codes by getting them mixed in with other papers, which I ended up doing but luckily realised before I threw anything out. 

Finally in the box you have the AC power adapter. The adapter seems to be a bit chunky however, that won't be much of a problem as unless I am away I won't be needing to take this out of the house too much and it will probably just live in the spare room or games room 99% of the time. If I do need to take it out though it will easily fit into my tech bag with no issue. 

Even after just unboxing this Switch I am really impressed and glad I made the purchase. The colour of the console is fantastic and it definitely feels much lighter than my other Switch which means I am definitely going to play it a lot more than the other one as my wrists aren't going to hurt after a short time of playing. I am really looking forward to playing many more Nintendo games in the future that I would have previously neglected so let me know your Switch game recommendations and I might just have to buy a few. 

Do you have a Nintendo Switch Lite? If so what do you think about it? 

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