Redoing The Gaming PC Set Up At Last

 After having the same gaming PC set up for 3 years I have finally made a change and created a set up with more space and that is nice and bright for my little corner of the games room. When we originally moved in 3 years ago I rushed my gaming PC set up just so I could get everything in place as this is also one of the places where I blog from, I ended up picking up a black desk from Ikea and bringing my old work chair into the mix. This area was just too dark and far too cramped with all my blogging notebooks cluttering the area. I also had a shelf that was falling down too which was a nightmare and didn't look good at all, I hated sitting to the desk and I was very unmotivated thanks to this too. So I finally took it upon myself to change things around and finally give myself a space where I was happy to sit and blog or play games on my PC once more. 

I wanted to do this new set up on a budget and luckily I managed to do this thanks to Amazon limited time deals and Ikea. I wasn't going to go overboard but I just wanted some more space and a brighter more inviting setup which is just what I have managed to do. So here is how the new set up is looking...

I ended up picking up the Ikea Linmon table top in this light wood colour which has instantly made the area a lot brighter for just £10, this is also a little bit wider than my previous desk which is fantastic as it gives me a bit more space for if I need to write any notes. I picked just the standard white legs for £2.50 each from Ikea to go with this and they are doing the job nicely so far. 

I wanted to get my monitors off my desk to create more space too so I picked up a dual monitor stand from Amazon for £25.99 and I love it. The monitors are at the perfect height for me too which is great as it has again given me more desk space and I just think it looks a whole lot better than before. The mount is nice and sturdy too and fits my monitors brilliantly, I can even tilt them now if I wish. 

Under the desk and along the back I now have a Govee RGB light strip which is way better than my previous light strip as it seems to have fit much better and is a lot brighter too. I can control it through the control hub, app or remote too which is fantastic as there are plenty of options if my remote goes missing. These lights have plenty of different settings such as lightning, sunset, rainbow so there is a lighting sequence for just about everyone, there is a music mode which is absolutely fantastic too and I can see me having plenty of fun with this, I am that impressed with how these are I am very tempted to get some for the back of our console set up too. 

That is literally all I have bought for the new set up and everything else is what I already had from my previous set up. So I currently have my speakers at the back of my desk behind my monitors however, I am looking at picking up some new speakers and some speaker wall mounts so these can also be off the desk too. To the left of my monitors is where I keep my Steelseries Arctis 7 headset as this is the perfect space for this to be kept nice and safe. Under both the monitors I have my cute little Gizmo soft toy, my Joker soft toy and my Scooby Doo bobble head. Then to the right of my monitors I have my wireless phone charger, which is fantastic for those long days when I end up sat at my PC blogging or gaming, I don't have to worry about my phone dying any more. 

I also have my trusty Bradford City coaster and mouse mat on my desk too just too add a bit of my love for football to the desk. I am still using my old AFX keyboard and Steelseries mouse with this set up for the time being but I am looking at replacing them in the near future. 

What I love the most is the fact that I can also now see inside my PC and have the benefit of the RBG in the case at long last as it is no longer hidden away in the cupboard. I do need to get something for this to stand on though so it isn't sat on the carpet like it currently is. It is just nice getting to see it properly for the first time in over 2 years, I actually forgot what it looked like for a while to be honest.

This set up isn't perfect and it will be a long time until it is in my eyes but I am loving it so far. Now I just need to sort all my cables out by getting come cable management sorts out, I just need to find the right kind from Amazon. I also want to paint around my set up too as it is driving me mad because the white no longer looks white. I am also hoping to get a new gaming chair soon too as this ones fabric is wearing away quite a bit now which is expected as it is just a cheap one that is used daily. In the near future I will also be picking up a nice desk mat, new keyboard and new mouse too as I think this is just what my set up needs, I have actually got my eye on a few Steelseries bits like a keyboard and a mouse as they look great and if they are anything like the headset it will be a well made purchase.

So that is how my set up is looking at the moment and I am loving it. It is much nicer to be sat at already and a lot more motivating already too. I think this set up could easily be around for a while. What does your set up look like? 

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