Trying To Get Into Watching Anime...


Do you ever get sick of watching the same sort of things over & over and fancy trying something new? Well that is exactly how I am feeling right now as I just seem to be watching the same sort of shows and getting fed up of things half way through. Well I guess this is the case with almost every show other than Grey's Anatomy as I am absolutely hooked on that show and can't see me getting fed up of it anytime soon. I guess what I am trying to say is I want to start watching new things alongside this to shake it up a bit and hopefully enjoy watching shows once more. 

I don't really watch a huge variety of things like I used to, granted I am binge watching Grey's Anatomy at the moment but when I aren't watching that I only ever seem to watch Hollyoaks, The Simpsons and the odd episode of Archer if Liam is sat watching it. To be honest just watching those few shows is actually getting boring now as the Hollyoaks story lines are getting stupid and The Simpsons just seems to be constant repeats on the TV. Thanks to this if I aren't watching Grey's Anatomy these days I am just watching YouTube which is all well and good but some content is getting very similar and I am starting to fancy a change especially now as there are so many great shows actually out there for me to dive right into. 

When it comes to new things to watch I am really wanting to delve into the world of anime as there are so many shows that have been recommended to me and I am also wanting to start reading more so if I can watch a show and enjoy it then get into the manga too I will be more than satisfied as it will be the best of both worlds in my eyes to be able to watch a good show and read a good book. I have previously watched a few anime's before and those were Sword Art Online & Black Butler, I absolutely loved both of those to the point I got to and I would love to go back and re-watch them in the near future as well as incorporating other shows into my viewing. I actually have a bit of a list of shows I want to watch that I have either come across myself or had recommended to me and those are:

Sword Art Online
Black Butler 
Blue Exorcist 
Yu Gi Oh
Full Metal Alchemist 
Attack On Titan 
Death Note
Tokyo Ghoul 
My Hero Academia 
One Punch Man 

I am sure that there are plenty more I am going to discover over my time watching anime's but for now I think this is a very good starting point with plenty of great shows that I can easily see myself getting hooked on. I definitely want to re-watch some of my old favourites such as Pokemon, Sword Art Online and Black Butler as I want to see if I enjoy them as much as I did the first time. 

Fingers crossed that I can give a few shows a try in the near future and hopefully get right into anime and all that comes with it although I could easily see me loving it and purchasing various manga's and figurines although I really don't want to end up filling the games room with more bits when I am clearing other bits out of there. Surely out of all this list there are going to be a few options that I fall in love with and really get into but I just wonder which they will end up being. 

I am also hoping the it is something that me and Liam can get into together too as I think it would be really nice for us to spend evenings just sat watching a show together for a change rather than either sitting in the room barely speaking to each other as we do our own thing or sat in totally different rooms all night. I know Liam likes some anime already so hopefully we can sit and find something we both like for a change. 

There are certainly many different types of anime out these so I wonder which is going to be my favourite style? But I guess I need to get started to find out what it will be so now I just have to decided what I am going to jump in and watch first...

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