What I Use The Macbook For On The Go


The Macbook Pro has become a daily essential for me and has helped me so much in regards to creating content as it has meant I can work on new pieces from anywhere and the Macbook also allows me jump straight back to where I left off due to how fast it boots up and loads pages. Now that the UK is opening back up after the Pandemic and we are getting out a bit more including short breaks and returning to the office my Macbook has started to go everywhere with me and I use it for various different things to help me stay on track and actually get things done on time for a change. So here is what I use the Macbook Pro for whilst I am out & about and what I am planning on using it for in the future as I go to events etc... 

Checking Emails

This is one of the main things I do from my Macbook daily, especially when I am in work on my lunch break. I used to rarely check my emails and would miss out on so much so now I end to check them twice a day once in the morning and then again at lunch whilst I am on my break at work. This just keeps me on top of them and I know if there is anything important I need to check once I get home or if there is something I can respond to there and then. The speed of the Macbook just makes it so much easier to fly through and delete anything that needs deleting rather than my inbox getting out of control like it used to. 

Checking Socials

This mainly relates to Facebook and Twitter as I can't cope with using Instagram on anything other than my phone. Whilst I have the Macbook on when I am out & about I will quickly check on my blogs Facebook pages just to respond to anything that needs responding too and post a quick post every now and then. Having this with me on the go has really helped stay more active on social media and I am even trying to get back into using my blog Facebook pages a lot more as it is so much responsive on the Macbook. I do check my socials on my phone more often than on my Macbook but when I am already on it working on other pieces I will end up having my social tabs open just in case too as it is always nice to have that extra option to save my phone battery too. 

Write Blog Posts 

This is the main thing that I use the Macbook for on the good and to be honest is one of the main reasons I purchased the device in the first place. I can get through so much more content these days just due to the speed of the device and I actually enjoying sitting and typing on it so a lot more gets done that way. When typing the keys just seem to glide when I am typing on this device and I seem to fly through writing. Also with pages loading quickly that definitely speeds the process up a whole lot more too. It is also easy to write blog posts even when I have no internet connection too as all I tend to do is type a post in notes and then copy it over to blogger when I am on the internet so I get twice as much done as I would have previously. 

Plan New Content 

I tend to use my time on journey's or lunch breaks to plan out any new content or make note of any new ideas I have and that is where the Macbook notes app comes in super handy. If I aren't on my Macbook I will add an idea to the notes on my phone and it automatically synchronizes with my Macbook so when I open it I can add a bit more to each idea rather than just a simple tag line. Eventually I want to start using Notion for doing this but for now I am more than happy to simply stick with notes and get those ideas worked on before they totally leave my brain which has happened too often in the past. I have noticed I am getting so many more ideas turn into actual posts since being able to do this as they are always in front of me rather than just in a note I won't look at again or in a notebook I left at home. 

Online Shopping

Of course I use the Macbook on the go to do a bit of online shopping as it is usually when I am out and about that I get an idea of something I want to purchase, especially tech related items such as memory cards or even games these days. If there isn't something I urgently need to do I will tend to just quickly open up Amazon, PC World or Game these days just to see what is on offer or what we could pick up. Granted 90% of the time I never actually buy anything but I just can't help myself and I have to look even when I am on the go. 

Editing Pictures

Now this is something I want to use the device for as it could prove to be really beneficial for the growth of my socials and my blogs. Right now I just take an image and throw it straight onto Instagram etc but I really want to be able to sit and edit images to make them look the best they possibly can. I am already purchasing light room so that is one step closer to being able to do this but I can easily see me spending my lunches and longer journeys editing images to post rather than just throwing them straight up. Maybe it will help me be more consistent over on my socials too as I would have good quality images to post for a change. 

So there you go that is what I currently use my Macbook for whilst I am on the go, granted at the moment I am mainly only using it on the go whilst I am at work but I am planning on more trips etc so no doubt an updated post along these lines will happen once we can get to events etc and I work on some future projects that I am hoping happen sooner rather than later. 

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