How Is The Headset Holding Up After 6 Months?


How has it already been over 6 months since I finally picked up the Steelseries Arctis 7 headset, it too me ages to finally bite the bullet and pick up the headset due to the price tag they came with but after a bit of persuasion from Liam I can honestly say 6 month on that I am really glad that I have picked up the headset as it has made life so much easier than when I had the wired Razer headset that was falling apart due to how long Liam had previously owned it for before giving it to me. 

After 6 months of wearing this headset basically every time I have been sat at my PC I can honestly say that the headset is still a really good fit and is very comfortable. If I am sat at my PC I will have music or YouTube playing through these for hours on end and I have had no issues with them feeling uncomfortable after a short while which is always a positive as I can sometimes spend a full day with them on if I am having a blogging day. They also haven't started to lose shape either which unfortunately happened with an old ADX headset I owned, after a few month the shape just went and it was really uncomfortable to wear, so the fact this hasn't happened with the Steelseries one for me just shows the quality you are paying for. 

The main reason I wanted this headset was so that I was finally going to have a wireless headset. I was sick of being tied down to my desk if I wanted to wear my headset but now I can happily get up and stretch my legs without having to pause my music or video which is so much better for my body as I have found I do get up a whole lot more than previous. I don't even have to charge them very often which I though I would have to do a fair bit which means when I am using them it really is a truly wireless experience. When it does need a quick charge though I will just plug them in for an hour or so when I am away from my desk doing something else. 

If you know me you will know I am a very clumsy person so no matter what device etc I have you can guarantee it is going to be dropped a fair few times, you should see the state of my iPad it is terrible. So it is no surprise to me that I have dropped this headset a fair few times in the past 6 months and surprisingly they still work perfectly fine and have no signs of damage on them at all, I wish everything I own was as well built as this headset as it would honestly save me an absolute fortune. 

Granted over the 6 months of owning the headset there has still been a few areas I still need to test the headset in as I haven't played many PC games lately so I haven't fully managed to test them gaming sound wise and I still haven't got around to using the built in microphone as again I just haven't had any need for it yet but I would love to test these out in the very near future.  I also want to try the headset on the PlayStation too to see how good that is plus I want to know if I really need to invest in a separate PlayStation headset or if this will do the job just fine. I just need to work out how to stop them from randomly disconnecting at points as honestly that is the only annoying thing about them at the moment. 

To say I paid a lot of money for these would be an understatement as they are the second most expensive thing in my PC set up only falling behind my actual PC but to be honest now that I have used them for so long I am actually glad I did spend the amount I did on them as they are such good value for the price point. Now I just need to start gaming on my PC a lot more so that I can test out all areas of the headset and get a bit more use out of them. It is safe to say 6 month on I am really not regretting this purchase one bit and it has actually made me want to try out a few more Steelseries products like possibly a keyboard or mouse in the near future. 

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