My Current Nintendo Switch Game Wish List

I last did a Switch game wish list in June and I honestly don't think I purchased off that list as I just haven't been buying games for the Switch. The reason is a bit silly really when I think about it too as I haven't bought any new switch games because I don't play the Switch often enough but when I think about it maybe if I bought some of the games off the wish list it might actually get me playing the Switch a whole lot more. Switch games don't count to my backlog challenge either as we barely own any games for the handheld console so there is really nothing stopping me from making new purchases but for some reason Nintendo games just seem so expensive to me and they never really seem to drop in price. So here are the games I would love to pick up in the very near future for the Nintendo Switch... 

Super Mario 3D World & Bowsers Fury 

Two games in one that is what you get with this purchase so I guess for the price you definitely get good value. I have mentioned before how I would love to pick up this game as it has been far too long since I played a Mario game and I think this could be really fun just to sit and play when I had a spare hour or so rather than just sitting and scrolling through my phone as I do now. It is 3D world that I really want to play but Bowsers Fury looks good too. 

Hot Wheels Unleashed 

I have seen quite a few adverts for this game over on YouTube and the more I see of it the more I want it. This game just looks really fun and the build your own track element looks great. I am slowly coming round to racing games and I think this could be a really fun one to play on the go as it doesn't seem too challenging but has a lot of aspects to it. 

Sonic Colours Ultimate 

This is also on my Xbox wish list which might seem a bit silly picking it up for both consoles but honestly I think this game would be brilliant to play on the go and I can imagine spending long car journeys just playing this for the whole trip. I used to love getting lost in a Sonic game and I think if I purchased this for the Switch that could easily happen again. I actually have a trip coming up soon that this game would be absolutely perfect for. 

Pokemon Shining Pearl 

If it isn't Shining Pearl that I get it will be Brilliant Diamond, either way there will be a copy of each of them in our house as I get one and Liam gets the other. As I have said in the past it has been a while since we both picked up a Pokemon game with our Switch game collection currently only having Let's Go Pikachu in it, so there is no chance we are going to miss this one. The fact we have our own Switch consoles means we can both play this whenever we want and I can see us both having a lot of fun with this. 

Untitled Goose Game

Liam laughs at me saying I should get this as I have a phobia of birds but to be honest the more I see it the more I am tempted to purchase it as it looks really fun. I have had a few people recommend this game to me in the past and I think it is finally time I bought it as I think I could enjoy myself with this one and spend hours playing it. I have heard it is only a quick game to complete so maybe it could be one I spend short bursts of time on when I have just a spare few minutes or who knows it could be one I complete in just one sitting. 


Again another game that I would have probably avoided at all cost previously however, for some reason KeyWe is catching my eye. With this being a co op game I would have to try convince Liam to play this with me but honestly I think this could be really fun for us to play together. Taking over the post office with no hands, this game sounds like one that could provide plenty of laughs throughout a play through.

Theme Park Simulator

I always remember playing Thrillville for hours on end and to be honest I miss playing games like that so I think I will be picking up Theme Park Simulator for the Switch. This seems like a game I could spend hours on especially on those lazy days, just building my ideal theme park, I think it could also be very nostalgic to play. This game could easily be one to play on whilst laid in bed or on the sofa just to get a bit of extra gaming time in. 

New Super Lucky's Tale 

I am currently slowly making progress through Super Lucky's Tale on the Xbox but I think the perfect way to play this game would be on the go so I would love to pick up a copy of New Super Lucky's Tale for the Switch. I am loving what I am playing on the Xbox currently but I really do think this game would be more suited to on the go plus you can get it really cheap at the moment so it could easily be the perfect game to get me playing on the Switch a whole lot more. 

Portal Knights

This game has been out for quite a while now and it has really dropped in price so maybe it is about time that I picked a copy up and finally played through it. I was originally going to purchase this game for the PS4 when it was first released but the more I think about it the more I believe I made the right choice to wait to purchase it for the Switch. This would definitely be one of those games that I just jump in and out of but it does look really fun and like it would keep me occupied for a while. 

I am determined that by the end of the year I will have bought at least one of the games off this wish list and made some good progress through it. I am also determined that from now on I will have a lot more Switch content on the blog as it has been neglected for far too long and there is so many games I want to play and talk about on here. I am also hoping to have a scroll through the eshop to see if there are any other games that jump out at me. It is time to stop neglecting the Switch and finally get playing it a whole lot more. 

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