My Current Top 5 Switch Games

 It really is no secret that I have massively neglected the Nintendo Switch since we got one back in 2018, it is just a case of if I am at home I would much rather sit and play on my console or blog rather than be sat on my Switch. Plus it doesn't help that thanks to the price of most big games of the Switch we don't exactly have a huge variety of games to play at the moment so I just tend to spend much less time on it. The time I have spent playing on the Switch though has actually been pretty good and there are certainly some games that have stood out to me more than others. So here are the top 5 games I have played on the Switch so far...


I think it is safe to say Minecraft is one of my favourite games to just sit and relax with seen as I now own it on all available platforms. I remember when Liam first suggested Minecraft to me and I laughed and said no chance yet here we are years down the line and if I want to just relax and not pay much attention to a game this is my go to choice. It is just so easy to put hours into your worlds on Minecraft and honestly I can't see myself getting bored of it any time soon. 

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu 

This game is actually the reason we even got a Switch in the first place and I need to get it restarted and completed as it has been so long since I played it that I honestly don't know where I am up to so the best thing would be to restart it, plus this would mean I could experience the full game all over again. Pikachu was always one of my favourite Pokemon so I knew it had to be this version of the game that I picked up and honestly it just took me back to being a kid all over again. I really can't wait to dive back into this world once more and get it completed. 

Crash Team Racing

If you have read the blog for a while you will know I am not a fan of racing games however, it seems like if you throw Crash into the mix it makes it to my top 5 list. As a kid I absolutely loved Crash Bandicoot so I knew as soon as this was released I was going to be picking it up and honestly it hasn't disappointed at all. I absolutely love sitting and playing this and what makes it better is my nephew loves it too. This game is perfect for if you are short on time and just want to jump on for a few races. 

Two Point Hospital

I will be honest the main reason I got this game was because of social media, it was all I was seeing on my timeline at one point so I decided to pick it up as I had a trip approaching, unfortunately that trip got cancelled but I still ended up playing plenty of this game and I really can't wait to continue with my play through. A few hours into the game I wasn't sure if it was really the game for me but as I put more hours into it I realised that it was perfect for me and actually really fun to play with some funny medical conditions made up that definitely kept me entertained. I am really looking forward to putting more hours into this game. 

Moving Out 

I was lucky enough to have received a code for this game and I am so glad I did. I honestly don't think I would have considered purchasing this game but when the first lockdown hit and Liam had some time off work we ended up sitting and playing this game for hours. It provided us with plenty of entertainment and is the first game we played together in ages. Each level was a challenge but not too difficult and it caused  few lighthearted arguments over who moved what but it meant we were doing something together for a change rather being sat playing different things like we usual would be. I think we definitely need to revisit this game soon. 

I am determined that in 2022 I am going to play on the Switch a whole lot more especially when I am just lounging in the house as I should be having a lot more relaxing gaming time rather than just blogging every spare moment. Fingers crossed I can complete some of the Switch games I already own and I am already planning on adding a fair few more to the collection next year, Pokemon, Mario you name it, I think it is about time I got caught up with the world of Nintendo and got my money worth out of my Switch. Let's hope in 2022 you are seeing a whole lot more Switch content on here. 

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