Lego Incredibles PS4 : 1st Impressions

If you follow me on social media or have talked to me recently there is a 99% chance you will have seen me complaining about Lego Incredibles and the lack of progress I was making, honestly it was getting to the point I didn't want to game at all as the experience was having with this game was just putting me off and it actually got to the stage where for a few weeks I didn't pick up a controller at all so I knew it was finally time to step away from the game and move onto something new. 

I had really high expectations for this game as I have previously loved playing Lego games plus growing up The Incredibles was one of my favourite films with Dash still being one of my favourite Disney characters to this day however, this was definitely the least enjoyable Lego game I have played and I just couldn't get into it no matter how hard I tried. The voice actors for me just didn't match the characters as I would have expected them to, sometimes games get the voices perfect but other times it is done badly and for me this game ticked the badly box and I actually muted the game on a few parts to listen to my own thing.

As for the graphics now they weren't terrible and at parts actually seemed quite good but for the most part I would say they were pretty basic, now I don't know if this is due to me playing some very good visual games before this or if it was just that it didn't seem as good as it could be but I just wasn't 100% impressed by it. In terms of the controls I also struggled with them feeling a bit clunky at times and having a delayed response which drove me mad especially when you needed to hit a specific control in a time frame and it just wasn't having it. This was really frustrating and off putting especially with the controls feeling off already but I pushed through and kept trying to work through them but unfortunately in the end I had just had enough. 

The gameplay itself also didn't feel like a typical Lego game and it felt really slow which I aren't used to in the games, it also felt like I was watching more cut scenes than actually doing anything which got boring as the cut scenes just weren't gripping me and holding my attention like other games have been doing lately. In the end I was just getting bored whilst I was playing as I didn't feel like I was getting anywhere which just left me bored and questioning whether it was going to be any use in me carrying on if I had played for hours and not felt like I was progressing & enjoying myself. The game even crashed a few times which made my decision to stop that bit easier after the final crash took me right back to the start of a mission I really wasn't enjoying. 

I am really enjoying working my way through my backlog but this game started to get me questioning if I was ever going to get into it so as I continue the backlog challenge I am going to start looking at if I am enjoying the game or not, if I am struggling to get into it like I was with this one I am going to step away sooner rather than just not picking up a controller at all. All gaming should be fun and this game was definitely a bump in the road, maybe I will go back to it one day, maybe I might not bother at all but I guess only time will tell. Fingers crossed it hasn't put me off Lego games altogether though as I do still have plenty to progress through in my backlog so let's hope they play much better and I enjoy them.  

I am really hoping this is the first and last game in my backlog that I am going to be putting down and not returning to for a long time but I guess we will just have to see how other games in the backlog play out. 

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