Tell Me Why : Xbox Series X

 Back in 2021 we were given the full game of Tell Me Why for free during Pride month, after hearing great things about the game I decided to pick it up for myself to see if it really was such a great game and it is safe to say that I was not disappointed whilst playing this. The game is only 3 chapters long but that doesn't mean it is over and done with in just a few hours, this game took me around 9 hours to roll the credits on rather than trying to obtain all the achievements which I am honestly not too bothered about in games as I play fro the story and to see the outcome. I believe it too me just as long to complete all 5 chapters on Life is Strange so it seems to be going rate for these types of games.

I honestly believe that these types of games are some of my favourites to play as they are a nice relaxed pace and I can take my time with my play through. Although I have to think during these games I don't have to think as much as I would in games such as Call of Duty so they are perfect for after those long days at work. I love how the choices I make in the game effect how the game continues too and the relationships of the characters in the game, you are fully in control and as the game really gets you feeling for the characters throughout it is nice to see how your feelings you have developed contribute to the game play.  

There was a lot of sitting around in this game as scenes played out in front of you including a fair few flashbacks which were actually quite enjoyable to sit through. I didn't mind sitting through these as the story gripped you so I actually wanted to sit without my phone to see what happened and how it all started to play out. As I say this game absolutely gripped me as you play as the twins investigating the traumatic event that led to them being separated for a decade, there are plenty of twists in the game to keep your mind going trying to work out the truth. The game gripped me so much that I had one of my longest game sessions in a long time as I was glued to the spot wanting to know how the story was progressing, I just love when a game can grip me like that. 

On the topic of getting gripped and having your mind trying to think of how things are going to progress there are a few stages in the game that keep you switched on as you have to complete some puzzles to be able to progress. Now I usually hate puzzles in games as sometimes they are harder than they need to be however, these puzzles are nice and simple whilst also following along with the story line so I was definitely engrossed in them to see how they fit into the story. 

The graphics of the game surprised me a fair bit as I really didn't expect them to be just as good as they were. The settings looked fantastic and the quality was great, even the details on the characters looked brilliant too and each one was totally different. The controls did let the game down for me a little bit though as they felt very clunky at times and I couldn't get the character to look where they needed to from time to time which was annoying, it just seemed very sensitive and it ended up annoying me quite a few times. The music in this game was nice and easy to listen to when we got it and the song that is quite integral in chapter 2 was fun to listen to which I am glad about as I had to listen to it a fair few times, this game was very reminiscent to Life is Strange in so many ways and I will be honest I wish it had a bit more music in it like Life is Strange does as that is one of my favourite parts.. 

This game was definitely a fantastic game to sit and play through and it is definitely the game I have finished the fastest in a long time as it had me gripped, I think I would have definitely purchased this at some point but I am so glad I got it free through Xbox as I have definitely got to enjoy it a lot sooner than expected. It is safe to say the fact it was so much like Life is Strange convinced me to pick it up and I think that is also a big factor in why I enjoyed it so much. Now that this game is done and out of the backlog I think it is about time I found another game in a similar format can you recommend any like it?

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