What I got for Christmas 2022

It is safe to say there was a bit of a theme when it came to the gifts I received for Christmas 2022. The themes were practicality, football and gaming. Of course football was going to be a big theme as it has been a year of football for me as for the gaming that is an area that I really want to improve on in 2023 as I have neglected actually playing games and I am missing it. So here are those football, gaming and few practical gifts I received for Christmas...

It is cold here in the UK and there is nothing better than getting all wrapped up in comfy clothing for lounging around especially when it comes to lounging around in the games room. I am in love with the Oodie type of items that Primark have been selling this year and my grandparents got me this super cute Gizmo one that is nice and cosy and is going to keep me nice and warm on the colder evenings. My parents also got me a fleece lounge wear set that I absolutely love as I have had these in the past and they are long lasting and perfect for lounging in and sleeping in. I can't wait to be wearing these whilst getting some games played in 2023.

Now onto the football gifts which there are plenty of this year. My sister got me this Bradford City chopping board however, I have been given specific instructions not to use it as a chopping board as it is too nice. My sister also got me this brilliant wooden football on a stand and it is safe to say I am going to be moving some things around in my office to make sure this is pride of place as it looks absolutely fantastic. My parents got me another Lioness coaster to go alongside my Leah Williamson and they got me the perfect addition with it being one of my favourites Beth Mead, I also got a new key-ring in the same style of the coasters and I am now going to have a Lucy Bronze attached to my keys which I definitely can't complain about. 

As I just said Beth Mead is currently one of my favourite footballers and I don't see that changing anytime soon so when I saw she was releasing a book I asked my parents for it straight away and in the end I received a signed copy of the book which I really can't wait to sit down and read. My grandparents also got me Christine Sinclair's book which I really can't wait to read as Sinclair is by far one of the greatest women's footballers around and I can't wait to hear more about her time so far in the game. I have plenty of reading to tackle so let's hope I can get through it easily.

I am really focusing on getting in shape these days and that is something that I am continuing for 2023 however, I have been struggling for a bag when it comes to fitting everything in for boxing. My grandparents got me this Man Utd bag and I think it is safe to say this is going to be perfect for me as it is huge and has separate sections so I shouldn't end up with anything missing. I am sure it will be used for football too though as it is Manchester United after all.

To say how much I love football I have never owned a Subbuteo game up until now. My parents have really supported my love for women's football this Christmas and they got me this Lioness version of the classic football game. I had seen this on Facebook ads a fair few times and it looks great so I am really looking forward to playing this with Liam, it is so good finally being able to buy Lioness merchandise. 

Liam got me my first Arsenal shirt to add to my growing collection of football shirts and he picked the perfect name to go on the back of it by opting for Williamson, another of my current favourite players. It is funny really because in previous years I have said I would never own an Arsenal shirt however, now the majority of the team make up my favourite players so I had to have a few of the shirts in my collection and what better way to start than with Williamson who is Arsenal through and through, he even got me the WSL badge on the shirt which is always a nice addition to the shirt.

I have wanted some new boots for a while now and my parents surprised me with a pair of Nike Phantom Elites which are top of the range and if I can't play well and score in these then there is something seriously wrong. I have had my eyes on these boots for a while now as they are what the likes of Jordan Nobbs and Georgia Stanway and with Nobbs being my overall favourite player I was going to end up with them one way or another. I really can't wait to get back on the pitch in the new year and wear these as they are just so good.

Liam got me some lovely new jewellery for Christmas too, I am really picky when it comes to jewellery and he knows that so rather getting the Spider-Man to go on my charm bracelet he made it into a necklace for me which I plan on wearing a lot and he also got me the matching earrings which I absolutely love and have worn a few times already. If you have read the blog for a while you will know I love Spider-Man so this really is the perfect jewellery for me. 

 Liam also got me a couple of games I have wanted for a while now, both on the PS5 too so I am looking forward to sitting down and playing these, gaming really hasn't gone to plan in 2022 but I am determined to get gaming a whole lot more in 2023 and fingers crossed these 2 games will help me get back into it. Sonic is a game I have been looking forward to since it was first announced and Lego Star Wars is going to be a game me and Liam actually sit and play together which I can't wait for as we never usually play anything together.

So there you have it those are the Christmas gifts I received for Christmas 2022, I have certainly been spoilt this Christmas and I can't wait to get using each of these gifts, I am ready to play games whilst being cosy & also get back on that football pitch. 

What did you receive this Christmas?

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