It is time for the 2024 backlog challenge


Well here we go again, 2024 is going to be the real return of the backlog challenge. 2023 was the year where 2 quick games were completed however, I have big plans for gaming in 2024 so we should hopefully see a big increase in those games completed and a big chunk of the backlog will hopefully be gone if everything goes to plan. In 2024 I plan to switch off more so rather than working on the websites every evening I will be learning to switch off and play some games instead, which in turn should help me be able to produce more content for on here, something else I am working on in 2024. 

The plan for the backlog challenge is pretty similar to other years however, I am a lot more dedicated and determined to smash it this time around. I am aiming to complete 10 games this year and by complete I simply mean roll credits on them as I am not one for collecting trophies & achievements but if I pick them up along the way I won't complain. The 10 games I will be trying to get through are a mixture of new and old ones with a mixture of lengths too so I aren't just sticking to those quick and easy games.

So here are the 10 games I am determined to complete (and roughly how long they should take to complete the main story) as part of my backlog challenge in 2024...

Sackboy's big adventure - Around 10 hours

I have had this game sat on my shelf for far too long so I am determined I will have rolled the credits on it in 2024. This could even be a game for me and Liam to sit and play together which should make it even more fun to play. I loved the Little Big Planet games so I am hoping I love this one just as much. 

Hogwarts Legacy - Around 27 hours

Liam got me this game for my birthday back in September however, I haven't got around to starting it yet. I am really looking forward to sitting down and playing this even though it is possibly the biggest game I will play this year if it takes the 27 hours to complete the main story. As a big Harry Potter fan I am really hoping this lives up to expectations.

Spider-Man 2 - Around 17 hours

Ok so I will admit I still need to purchase this game however, I know that I will have it by the end of the month and I really don't want it sitting around gathering dust. I loved the Spider-Man game and I loved Miles Morales so I am hoping this one really lives up to expectations. With 2024 being the year of getting back into gaming I think this game will really help keep me going.

Saints Row - Around 13 hours

This game has been sat around on my shelves since the end of 2022 so it is about time I got playing this. Liam used to love playing the Saints Row games where as I have jumped in and out of them. This is one I have never played before though so I am looking forward to hopefully getting lost in this game. With this being on the Xbox it will be nice to mix up the consoles a bit.

Gotham Knights - Around 16 hours

I am aware that this game has been absolutely slated however, I want to give it a try for myself and currently it is just sat on a shelf gathering dust. I am hoping I can get all the way through this game but I guess only time will tell I am going to enjoy it or not. Fingers crossed that I do though and can roll the credits on this in 2023.

Disneyland Adventure - Around 14 hours

I started this game a long time ago but then I neglected the Xbox and never finished it. That is going to change in 2023 though as I am determined to get through all of this game and get it out of my backlog at long last. This is definitely a different paced game to the others on the list so it will be nice to mix it up a little. 

It takes two - Around 12 hours

I am really looking forward to playing this game as it is going to be one that me and Liam sit and work our way through together. 2024 really is going to be the year of spending more time together so we may as well do some gaming for this time. There might be a few arguments as we play this one but I guess we wont know until we try. We have had this since its release so it is about time we rolled the credits on it. 

Avengers - Around 12 hours

Oh look another game I have had for a long time that has just been gathering dust. Again this game has been slated by a lot of people since it's release so it is about time I got around to giving it a go for myself. The plan though is to leave enough time between this and Gotham Knights so I don't get fed up like I have done previously. I am really hoping I enjoy it though and that it doesn't spoil the Avengers for me.

Lego Star Wars : Skywalker Saga - Around 18 hours

Liam actually got me this for Christmas 2022 so we could game together but as we know by now things didn't go to plan so it hasn't even been installed on the PS5. 2024 is the year that is going to change though as we plan to play a lot more together as we spend more time at home. I am really looking forward to giving this game a go as it has been a long time since I played a Lego game that I really enjoyed.

Halo Infinite - Around 11 hours

I remember when I first got this game I was really looking forward to starting on it however, as we know I have massively neglected the Xbox and with the dog not settling in the games room this game is still sat in its original packaging. This game is one of the smaller ones on the list so once we get the games room back (it is currently storage as we have work going on) I will be sitting and powering through this game.

So those are the 10 games I definitely want to complete throughout 2024. If things go to plan and I do get through even more games than this then even better as the backlog really has grown out of control. I am also tempted to through a few other games into the mix that are much shorter just to break things up plus these games are ones that I could play from anywhere in the house as they are on the Switch or Steamdeck, two things I am determined to use a lot more often.

As always as part of the backlog challenge there is one main rule... I have to complete 3 games before I can purchase any new ones unless I receive them as a gift. This should easily stop my backlog growing like it previously has and also mean I play a lot more games. 2024 should certainly be a good one gaming wise, in fact I am hoping it is my best year in a long time so lets hope everything goes to plan.

Keep an eye on here for the reviews of these games plus hopefully many more across the course of the year. There will also be a section on Instagram where I post the completed game and a whole post on the feed with my thoughts on the game and Liam's if we played it together. 

For now though let's get playing some games...

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